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Majorie Lulu

I studied a Certificate I in Horticulture at VAC in 2010. I really enjoyed my time at VAC, it was great the way all of the students supported each other. The qualification I gained from VAC has been very helpful in my career. Currently I am working for Oxfam Australia teaching short courses in Agriculture, I am also working with Vanuwa Tai Environmental Network as a turtle monitor. I highly recommend young people to consider VAC and a career in agriculture, there are so many great opportunities in the agriculture sector.


Brian was a student at VAC from 2007 to 2008 where he studied a Certificate III in Livestock, he enjoyed this so much that he later returned for complete his Certificate III in Forestry, graduating in 2012. Brian is now employed with the Department of Livestock.

During his time at VAC, Brian enjoyed the mix of practical and theoretical components of the course work, but particularly enjoyed working in the fields. Brian felt that the support and encouragement he received from the staff and fellow students really helped him in his studies.

 "VAC has set me up for a good career, I feel that my practical knowledge is much better than those who have graduated from other institutions"

Brian’s goal is to enrol in further education at USP Alafoa and using the experience he has already gained, he has no doubt he will successfully graduate.

"I encourage all young people to consider enrolling at VAC, once you graduate you can get a very good income and there are many opportunities in the agriculture sector".

Morrex Taho

Morrex graduated in 2014 with a Certificate II in Agriculture. Morrex, who is currently employed with the Department of Livestock, is currently working hard to save his money in the hope of eventually starting his own cattle business.

Morrex found that living on campus with so many other students who were passionate about agriculture was a fun, supportive and safe environment.

"I would recommend enrolling at VAC as it is an important place for the people of Vanuatu. It provides all of the knowledge and skills you will need to further your career and support your family"

Morrex says that, although it was hard to find the school fees, it was worth it. He says

"My family are proud of my achievements, they encouraged and supported me, and now I can help them by saving enough money to start our family cattle business"