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Welcome to the Vanuatu Agriculture College website. Within this website you will be provided with useful information about us with regards to our history, our current operations and possible future directions.

Over the years the college has faced daunting challenges but it has a team of dedicated staff and a very strong and supportive council. As the new Chief Executive Officer for the college, I am excited about the potential impact that the Vanuatu Agriculture College has to offer students with regards to improved living standards through a successful completion of our courses. I also look forward to becoming directly involved in provision of agricultural products that are critical to the ongoing national development of Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu Agriculture College is on the verge of interesting developments in the area of curriculum and market outlet services. The Vanuatu government continues to stress the importance of agriculture as the backbone of Vanuatu’s economy. Furthermore the Vanuatu government continues to put strong emphasis on us being the training arm of the agriculture sector including livestock, fishery, forestry and bio-security. It is upon this framework that the Vanuatu Agriculture College will re-orientate itself to meet the demands of the government and its primary stakeholder the farmers in Vanuatu as far as financial and food security is concerned.

Various challenges that continue to plague various institutions in Vanuatu will be met with full confidence that the Vanuatu Agriculture College’s human resources have the depth of knowledge, experience, and academic mettle to meet these challenges. Courses delivered at VAC were previously nationally accredited. However, the Vanuatu Agriculture College will continue to seek secondary accreditation mechanisms through direct consultation with other institutions within the Pacific region. Vanuatu Agriculture College students have already been accepted for diploma programs in New Caledonia and we are continuing negotiations with other institutions within the region.

Apart from the training program, the college is gearing up to establish a market outlet for our graduates. Together with our graduates, we will portray farming as an attractive career pathway for the young people in Vanuatu and also within the wider Pacific region. This is an endeavor that we believe will result in our farmers being able to tap into the high value market outlets in Vanuatu such as supermarkets, hotels and potential exports.

Based on these alone, I wish to assure prospective students, parents, guardians and sponsors that an investment to send your children to Vanuatu Agriculture College will be a worthwhile investment that will reap immeasurable rewards.
With my best wishes to you all.

Mr Peter Napwatt
Chief Executive Officer

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