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An initiative namely the “Morning Storian” from the VAC CEO is on trial for the past weeks since the 9th September 2016 and has proven successful. This initiative takes together all 40 staff of Vanuatu Agriculture College for the first 15 minutes of everyday for short devotion and brief reporting on the different sectors of the College.
Here are some comments made by different staff from different sectors of VAC.
From the Finance section:
Rosemary Natuka …..”Keeps us all updated on what happens on campus and in some ways improve punctuality of all staff every morning.
Toamu Melenamu adds….. It improves work performance and if it continues to prove successful may even restrict the number of general meetings.”
Malachi…… It is good because we talk about work so we all are aware of what happens at College but….. not everyone is able to stand up at the front and lead for devotion.
Student Services:
Mrs Anne Massengnalo (Matron) .… It helps us to do things together and provides for an opportunity to know other staff at the College.
Ms Alexine Moses ….. It’s a way for all of us to be well informed about what happens around the College and is also an opportunity to inform all staff etc.” However, she cautioned that, “… …All staff needs to learn to report generally on aspect of the work and not use that time as an opportunity to shoot each other down.”
Training Section:
Madame Octavie (IT Trainer) …..I enjoy the different devotions taken by the different staff and I hope this “Morning Storian” continues strongly in the coming months.
Willie….. “ Mi likem tumas be… mi no like blo stand up infront lo plente man mo toktok.”
Jenny….. It is good because it gives us the opportunity to mingle and share etc.
Tracy….. This can be an opportunity for us to practice speaking in front of many people.
While most staff if not all like the initiative of” Morning Storian” some are reserved when it comes to leading out for devotions or just the mere thought of standing and talking to many people still proved to be a frightful experience. However, the Morning Storian seems to have it place at VAC and is progressing effectively.



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