Head of Faculty (Agribusiness)

Position description

The position of Head of Faculty Agribusiness is integral to the success of the college in fulfilling its function. The appointee of this position will be required to uphold the following:

Specialist Skills

  • Possesses a passion for the growth and development of agricultural business in Vanuatu.
  • Be an active leader
  • Possess excellent communication skills – English, Bislama and or French
  • Has a minimum of 5 years industry experience
  • Has a minimum of 5 years as an educationalist or trainer
  • Develop and maintains links with the business community.
  • Possess the relevant qualification
  • Hold experience in accounting, business management, marketing, human resource management, and business communications relevant to the Vanuatu context.
  • Assists in the marketing and promotion of VAC
  • Supports VAC in the growth and development of the Agribusiness Faculty

Planning and Preparation

  • Prepares sequential, appropriate curricula as required.
  • Plans and structures learning programs and lessons in sufficient detail to work effectively with students.
  • Keeps up to date with curriculum changes, external requirements, current practices, methodologies and issues.
  • Demonstrates a sound, critical understanding of the content, processes and skills being taught.
  • Takes into account the needs of students’ different learning styles, planning for and providing a variety of activities that are relevant and engaging.
  • Is aware of and addresses students’ different learning abilities and ability levels.
  • Is well prepared for lessons, including resources.

Teaching skill and methodology

  • Uses a range of effective teaching strategies and techniques with materials based on students’ needs and intended lesson outcomes.
  • Demonstrates flexibility and effectively and appropriately adapts to student needs, class direction when required and external unforeseen circumstances.
  • Is familiar with and applies Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Bloom’s Taxonomy and other relevant learning theories.
  • Ensures a high level of student engagement in the learning process.
  • Responds in a relevant and appropriate manner to students’ questions and ideas.
  • Designs activities and tasks in accordance with student readiness.
  • Creates a resource-rich learning environment.
  • Encourages students to think critically, pose questions, inquire, develop hypothesis and plan, gather and analyse information, formulate conclusions and reflect on outcomes.
  • Encourages creativity and provides opportunities for student to take risks in a safe environment.
  • Encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Integrates the Enterprise Based Education Philosophies
  • Establishes and maintains explicit expectations in areas such as respect, compassion, tolerance, cooperation, confidence, humility, positive attitude, persistence, being inclusive, honesty, reliability, initiative, leadership skills etc
  • Develops positive relationships with students, showing an interest and concern for them, emphasising positive features rather than only noting errors.
  • Establishes and sets explicit expectations for the presentation and submission of student work.
  • Follows through and maintains the standards set for presentation and submission of student work.


Assessment Practices

  • Aligns assessment exercises or tasks to the expected outcomes and the students’ capabilities.
  • Provides assignment and other relevant assessment sheets prior to the students commencing the task.
  • Provides details of assessment criteria (e.g. rubrics, criteria sheets) prior to the task.
  • Uses a variety of valid, accurate and comprehensive evaluation methods to assess student outcomes, including informal and formal methods. (formative and summative assessment tasks)
  • Involves student in the assessment of their own learning.
  • Plans future learning based on assessment.
  • Maintains and communicates accurate and comprehensive records of student outcomes
  • Provides students with accurate, meaningful and regular feedback on student outcomes and progress prior to formal reports.


Personal Characteristics

  • Highly developed leadership skills
  • Completes administrative tasks accurately and on time.
  • Carries out routine tasks and fulfils responsibilities.
  • Communicates effectively in speech and writing with students and other staff.
  • Participates constructively in academic meetings.
  • Ensures privacy and confidentiality is maintained and shares the responsibility for the integrity of VAC.
  • Contributes to the total VAC program, participating positively and regularly in routine and extra curricula activities.
  • Shows initiative – suggests ideas and actions.
  • Follows through on decisions made and on completing requested tasks.
  • Sustains professional working relationships with colleagues, displaying cooperation, courtesy, enthusiasm and respect for all.
  • Is supportive of fellow staff
  • Willingly supports other staff members professionally and functions as part of a team
  • Dresses to an appropriate professional (and safe) standard.
  • Is punctual to meetings and classes.
  • Reviews all aspects of the planned programme and modifies them accordingly.
  • Is self motivated and initiates opportunities to improve skills and performance.
  • Accepts suggestions for improvement.
  • Responds appropriately and acts upon advice.


  • Familiar with current research methodologies
  • Holds excellent scientific communication skills
  • Is willing to mentor and support students wishing to undertake research
  • Contributes to the research repository of VAC