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Admission Process

  1. Collect or download a form
  2. Ask our very kind admin staff any questions you have (Contact information here)
  3. Fill out the application form, collect documents and get parental consent form (If under 18)
  4. Pay deposit fee at office or at bank (If paid at a bank please attach receipt)
  5. Drop off or send in form
  6. Application is processed and notification will be send over
  7. Extra documents may be requested at this stage (If required)
  8. A welcome package is sent out to incoming students
  9. Orientation
  10. School starts February the following year

Collect a form

You can collect an application form from the administration office. After you have filled it out just return it to the college in person or by post.

P.O. Box 218, Chapuis 3,
Luganville, Santo

Now you are able to download the forms and print them out without coming into the office.

PDF Form Download