Star student convinces students to attend Agriculture College

There is no need to cry over spilled milk if the selection committee for new students to enter the Vanuatu Agriculture College at Santo next year, finds that the majority of the successful applicants come from schools on Tanna in Tafea Province.

This is because traditionally students from Tanna are known to be hardworking – a trait they have inherited from their parents.

The traditional mentality of subsistence farming can only go away when young people attend the Vanuatu Agriculture College to learn about commercial agriculture.

VAC Chief Executive Officer Joe Timothy did his homework and took his star student from Middlebush, Certificate 3 Alfred Sam with him to Tanna last week, to let him tell students from Tafea College, Lenakel Presbyterian College, Louanatom and other senior schools why it is important to attend Vanuatu Agriculture College to graduate in Agriculture, Livestock, Horticulture, Forestry or Fisheries.

He told the mesmerised students, “I failed my exam here on Tanna but I did not feel sorry for myself.

“I picked myself up from the dust and applied to enter the Vanuatu Agriculture College to major in Livestock and I began with Certificate 1.

“My family and I have some cattle and I saw the need to develop the farm but that could only succeed with education and training in Livestock so I went to train at the Agriculture College.

“I saw an increasing demand for fresh meat here on Tanna and I wanted to be able to supply meat not only for butcheries but for custom ceremonies including marriages and circumcision.”

He knew nothing about the right type of soil in which to plant kava or how far to plant one hand from another, what kind of pasture was suitable for cattle farming, how many to feed in one paddock and much more until he entered the college.

“Focus on your mission to achieve your objective which is to graduate with the highest qualification to return home to develop your land, to contribute towards food security in our country,” he urged the students.

Immediately hands shot up among the attentive students when he asked if they were interested to attend the college. The spirit among the students was eager. You could sense it.

The outcome of the mission to Tanna made the CEO smile most of the time his team was in Lenakel.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post Article -